Retirement isn't what it used to be these days, and with many senior citizens using retirement to launch small businesses or explore other interests and hobbies, the conventional pension is paid out much too slowly for it to be properly monetized, without actually saving the pension itself. One company however provides a Lump Sum Pension payout or rather Pension Advances that buys out a portion of a pension for a lump sum right now. This can allow retired seniors to do anything from using that newly gained capital obtained through the Lump Sum Pension payout to start a new business or travel and see the whole world for the first time. The lump sum payout for pensions can be approved in only a matter of weeks or a little over a month thereby enabling seniors to quickly begin exploring the possibilities and plans that they have for the rest of their life. Because retirement should mean more than simply waiting to collect yet another pension check every month, and with a lump sum pension payout, looking to the future can begin today.