The internet is abuzz after a casual reference about a new Star Wars movie coming along. Even after the disastrous three prequels, better known as Darth Vader the Menace and Darth Twilight, and the whole Clone Wars animated series, a Star Wars movie is a case for excitement. And a Star Wars movie is coming. Just not the way you might think.

The thing to remember is that the last Star Wars movie in theaters was not Revenge of the Sith, as you might think. But that's only because most people have blocked out the Clone Wars movie which did play in theaters. And that's exactly what the next Star Wars movie will be.

George Lucas is launching a new Star Wars TV series, live action this time, and just like Clone Wars, its two hour pilot will have a theatrical launch. George Lucas can get away with doing that, because he is George Lucas, and there isn't any thing you can do about it.

Star Wars still has the brand force to make it to the movie theaters, even if in this case the movie once again will actually be a TV pilot, most likely again released by Warner Brothers, which is a little on the desperate side these days.

Releasing the pilot for a live action Star Wars TV series will mean a ton of free publicity and of course money, because it will allow Lucas to cash in on a movie, without paying for it. Fans expecting another Hope, will of course be disappointed, but that's normal these days.

Face it guys, this isn't coming back