The seemingly endless Louise Ogborn case is finally over and seems like a detailed example of what's wrong with the American justice system. The supposed perpetrator of the prank phone calls David R. Stewart was not convicted of anything, even though there was strong evidence pointing to his guilt. Donna Summers, the female manager on the videotape, not only did not go to jail, but actually won half a million dollars in damages from McDonalds. Her mentally retarded fiance who raped Louise was sentenced to jail. Which is about the only success in this 5 year ordeal.

But Louise Ogborn did go on to sue McDonalds and now finally received 6 million dollars from the restaurant chain. But McDonalds didn't strip Louise naked or let her fiance rape her. That was McDonalds manager Donna Summers who only received a year of probation over the prosecutor's request thanks to Louise Ogborn's plea for leniency on her behalf.

If you've got a headache right now, I don't blame you. Louise then sued McDonalds on the grounds that since there had been similar hoaxes in the past, McDonalds should have taken precautions and briefed its employees. And she had a case, but not much of one since McDonalds didn't tell its managers to strip search its employees. The manual actually says you can't strip search employees. So does common sense. But Louise Ogborn is cute, young and a victim. McDonalds is a big corporation. And Donna Summers picked up a cool half million, even though she was at best an accessory to sexual assault, and Louise Ogborn has her college education and a whole bunch of other stuff paid for.

Anyone who wants to look at reforming the US justice system can begin with this case.