Other companies, most notably RealMedia, or Helix as it's called these days, have challenged Apple's restrictive EULA's. One of the first things Steve Jobs did when he took control of Apple was to destroy Apple clonemakers in order to lock in Apple fanatics and followers into an exclusive high priced hardware and software monopoly. And that policy has paid major dividends for Apple, while shortchanging its customers. Psystar, whatever you may think of the company, launched one of the most high profile challenges to the software side of Apple's monopoly by becoming an unofficial clone maker. Now Apple has won its legal challenges against Psystar, which is a shame because Apple's monopoly deserves to be challenged, and because contrary to what Steve Jobs and his Apple fanboys think, breaking down barriers makes for a better computing environment for all of us. Despite reports though Psystar is down, but not out, and isn't closing its doors. Which means Psystar may go on challenging Apple, which would be good for all of us.