Every business large or small these days is looking for ways large and small to squeeze that nickel a little tighter and find new ways to monetize their space and make a little extra money. Vending machines are a good example that allows just about any physical business to monetize their space by placing a vending machine in a highly trafficked area. Vending machines provide income with very little effort and take up a minimum amount of space, compared to a sales counter. 1800Vending is one company that provides up to date vending machine technology that helps businesses monetize their free space with minimum effort. Whether placed outside of a place of business or inside. vending machines from 1 800 Vending can give customers something to buy while they wait or even draw customers toward your place of business. You can learn more via the 1800 vending twitter feed, or their website. But vending machines remain an asset because they allow you to bring in money, while dispensing with the usual formalities of expanding your business.