The success of Paranormal Activity can only mean one thing when it comes to Hollywood, more movies trying to do the same thing. The Fourth Kind is already on the way, swapping out ghosts for UFO's and a more name brand cast. This puts The Fourth Kind closer to Quarantine, but lest we forget, Quarantine made decent money too. Though not Paranormal Activity moolah of course.

But the first thing that Paranormal Activity's success has accomplished is to resurrect the old sleeping ghost of the Blair Witch Project, with a Blair Witch Project 3 set to roll out. Now most people legitimately have no idea that there was ever a Blair Witch Project 2, but there was, and it was done the mainstream route without the original people involved or the shaky handheld or the black and white or the mythos. Just the usual annoying dorks, including the at the time default goth girl, going into the woods. Unsurprisingly no one remembers it.

Trying to revive Blair Witch Project now suggests that the people involved will be smart enough not to repeat their mistake by trying to jam BWP3 into the same mainstream horror movie mode that they did with BWP2.