Who am I? Day to day I go through life wearing a costume, a suit for the office, a professional mask that says I'm here to help and get the job done. But wearing that costume and mask, unlike Superman's costume and mask, can be boring. Holidays are a chance to drop away the workaday costume and mask, for Holiday Costumes that let you recreate who you are in a whole new light. No I won't be dressing up as Superman, and after Superman Returns and a DC comic series in which he's off on Kandor working as General Zod's bully boy who would want to, but there's always someone else's costume to slip into and someone else's role to slip on, from a US Marshall watching over the ragged towns and mining camps of the West to the Rocketeer soaring through the California sky on the eve of WW2 to the simple costume of just drawing BOOK on your face. But while that last costume just requires a magic marker and a little creativity, there are plenty of great costumes to find, for holidays like Halloween that call for some dressing up, or just for any time a costume party is in the works, at Buy-Holiday-Costumes.com, where I or you or anyone we're pretending to be can find the costume that's a lot more exciting than a day at the office.