We all wear costumes every day of our lives. We wear work costumes and office masks at work, off hours cool costumes and masks on the weekend at bars and for every occasion that there is, we have a mask and a costume for it. And then there's one day of the year at the end of October when the leaves turn colors and begin to fall, when your warm breath begins to curl in the cold air, and black cats stray away from the light when we trade in those serious masks and costumes for the fun masks and costumes that let us be anyone we want to be.

Halloween Costumes allow people to embrace their inner wacky selves donning everything from ninja to pirate to spaceman to can can Halloween costumes, recreating themselves as anything they like. Because it's no fun wearing the costumes and masks all the time that other people force you to wear, and sometimes it's good to trade in the face and suit in the mirror, for a Superman suit and a lock of slicked back hair or a rock star's battered vest and black and white mask.

So this late October when the nights come early, the leaves turn from green to red and gold, and drift away on the cool autumn breeze, when lantern lights glow and windows rattle like bones, you have the chance to transform and become absolutely anyone you want to be. So take off that suit and put a mask over your face. Become anyone you can be. Whether you have a witch or a pirate living inside you, a ninja turtle or a spooky ghost rattling his undead chains, a stern police officer or a mustachioed firefighter. The sky and everything beyond it is the limit when you are limited only by the power of your imagination.