Olmos cringes in terror, getting ready to cry like a little girl, as he realizes that he's about to be replaced by Tommy Lee Jones.

Mooretards (fans of Ron Moore's lame reboot of Battlestar Galactica) are venting their rage over news that Bryan Singer's film version of the original Battlestar Galactica series has been fast-tracked into production. Completely oblivious of the irony that they themselves are fans of a reboot that trashed a series that Battlestar Galactica fans loved, the Mooretards have been going nuts over the news. Here are some of the crazier responses.

Not using the BSG actors/designers/crew from the show... by BoStrike1 Aug 14th, 2009
11:18:49 AM

Is STUPID. It's almost as bad as it would have been if the Hobbit movie was made without Weta.

I'll defer the WETA question, but if anyone wants to see what happens when you use the TV show people to make a big screen movie, look no further than Star Trek Generations or Serenity. Ron Moore's only big screen project was a fragment of a script for Mission Impossible 2.

Utter creative bankruptcy
by Splinter Aug 14th, 2009

I'm now officially embarassed for Hollywood. Seriously. What kind of mindless, incomprehensible thinking is this? Is the well that dry? A seminal, boundary-pushing 4 season show is rolled out and embraced by a new generation - a show that not only rose to the challenge of following a beloved if hokey old show, but surpassing it in pretty much every resepct. It is wrapped up beautifully, if controversially (no harm there) and rides off into the sunset.

Yeah how dare Hollywood be so derivative as to take a TV show and remake it... as a movie that is. See it was cool when Ron Moore did it. It was embraced by a generation. A generation of basement dwelling Mooretards anyway. I guess these days a few hundred thousand viewers counts as a generation.

And sure there's no harm in finishing off the show with everyone dying of dysentery because they gave up modern technology, while the rest turn out to be hidden Cylons or Angels. I totally bet audiences will want to see the prequel to that in theaters... not.

by VXXXJesterXXXV Aug 14th, 2009

The issue at hand has nothing to do with any script real or fake. For me I don't care what the script looks like, the fact is the fantastic show JUST ended and they are doing an unrelated movie series now. The main audience would be the fans of that show, yet the cast/crew/creative team will not be involved.

If the main audience were supposed to be the remaining Mooretards still deluded enough to think the BSG reboot was a work of art, the movie would be a direct to DVD release done by Stevenao Spielbergo, Spielberg's Mexican replacement. Oh wait, that's what The Plan is.

The main audience is people who want to see humans fighting machines in space. You know the original BSG concept that Moore abandoned, in favor of human robots wanting to make babies and get religion.

by Mullah Omar Aug 14th, 2009

The Season 4.5 DVDs did not even get released a full month ago!

Nothing Singer can do will pull this film out of the shadow of Moore's incarnation of the series.

Even if a Singer BSG movie underperforms, its opening will still pull in 10 ten times as many people as the DVD of The Plan... in which we discover that Moore's BSG still stucks.

Release the RDM miniseries theatrically.
by Margot_Tenenbaum Aug 14th, 2009

I DARE Bryan Singer to make a better movie. And since nobody except 8 people watched the mini, it will be COMPLETELY NEW to the vast general audience that loves sci-fi movies but were just waiting for the right promo campaign.

Truly a perfect plan. Let's spend millions of dollars to release the opening miniseries, that no one saw cause it only aired on NBC and whose glowing spines are non-canon, into theaters. Cause you know what audiences want to do, pay 10 bucks to see a miniseries that aired for free on TV five years ago. I can totally see this plan working... in crazy land!

Could work if the film covered..
by MetalMickey Aug 14th, 2009

..The First Cylon War within Ron Moore's established canon.

Uh because somehow Moore's canon is superior to that of the original series? That's as insane as insisting that the canon of the new Star Trek movie under J.J. Abrams is superior to the canon of the original series.

Mr. Zeddemore
by Mr. Nice Gaius Aug 14th, 2009

No, he didn't. He vomited once and that was in the finale. As for his emotional breakdowns, he certainly didn't spend ENTIRE episodes doing it.

I can remember a bunch of episodes that focused around Adama having nervous breakdowns, crying or getting drunk and yelling at people. I'd go into more detail, but I'm trying to free up unused memory that's taken up by crap.

A stupid, offensive idea
by Ragnarok12 Aug 14th, 2009

The recent Galactica series attracted enough attention that it was discussed at the United Nations. But, heck! Who wants the critical kudos when this is part of a Glen Larson/'Anti-GINO' fanatic revenge scheme?

Let's introduce a United Nations resolution to bomb Glen Larson! That will show them!

Instead of a reboot why not...
by Margot_Tenenbaum Aug 14th, 2009

...reshoot the Ron Moore BSG pilot with the same cast on a theatrical budget? Don't contradict the original version but add more action! If Universal HAS to cash in on BSG theatrically, why not do it this way?

Great idea! Or Universal could just flush 150 million dollars down the toilet. Either one is good. Cause you know how people want to pay 10 bucks to see the same miniseries from 5 years ago with better special effects.

by Crow3711 Aug 14th, 2009

This makes no sense at all, unless they are actually attempting to capitalize on the name alone, which, IMO, will backfire hardcore.

Yeah, cause you know how Ron Moore invented Battlestar Galactica. How dare anyone else exploit his original creative property!

Or we can just call the RDM version something else. How about "Angels in Space Teach Olmos to Vomit Up All His Grief". Hey at least it would be truth in advertising.

So, there will be CAPRICA TV series on Syfy
by lockesbrokenleg Aug 14th, 2009

and a BSG movie in theaters? Won't that confuse people?

Surprisingly not, cause who's gonna confuse a soap opera on the SyFy channel that's set on the ground and doesn't have BSG in its title, with a heavily promoted movie that's true to a series huge numbers of people used to watch.

Bryan Singer
by BusterRantCasey Aug 14th, 2009

Should be drag out in the street and shot in front of his family,

And the Psycho-Mooretard of the week is...

This blows
by Djamdjean Aug 14th, 2009

Nobody needs to retell the story when it was just told pretty much perfectly. Now we're supposed to accept a new Capt. Adama, Apollo, Starbuck, etc??? This really ranks as one of the stupidest ideas ever.

Yeah, almost as stupid as recasting Adama, Apollo and Starbuck as whiny drunken idiots dealing with humanoid robots who want to have their babies. Oh wait...

But hey you guys watched a show with a recast Adama, Apollo and Starbuck and you accepted it. Now you'll learn to do it again.

what the frackin hell?
by DontFrackBSGSinger Aug 14th, 2009

Ok, first off I only read articles from here ... you are the reason I made this account Singer to tell you how much I want you to fail. I want this movie to be worse than Battlefield Earth. BSG was a good show as of late and it ended well over a year ago, Seinfield did the same thing but there was no movie, a movie that has nothing to do with the tv show. Sure I didn't see the old school stuff, but really considering how many seasons BSG was, I implore you to explain how you intend to make it better in about 2 hours?

Ummm... by actually having it be about humans fighting machines out to destroy them, instead of their own alcoholism and shaky cameras? Just a thought.

by LoneGun Aug 14th, 2009

...and it brought a lot of credibility to the sci-fi genre. I believe the reason the show never achieved the ratings it deserved was because it was not promoted well. Had it aired on NBC, rather than Syfy, and been given a better time slot than Friday night, more viewers would have caught onto it.

Yes in the 3 weeks before it was cancelled. Good ratings for SYFY are unacceptable on NBC.

They better frakking get Nathon Fillion for Starbuck...
by LV_426 Aug 15th, 2009

.. because if they frak that one up, then there will be obvious evidence that they have no idea what they're doing. And going with a female Starbuck will look like cheap pandering to the fans of Ron Moore's version.

Remember, for every Mooretard, there's 4 or 5 Fillontards who think he should be in every movie ever made. Even if they can't spell his name right.

by D.Vader Aug 14th, 2009

Trying to be successful when Moore already laid the groundwork, built the foundation, and finished the building.

Glen Larson laid the groundwork, built the foundation and created a massive building that was watched by far more people than the GINO reboot. Ron Moore just added a condo on top of the building. And now we're moving on.

The funny thing about all this shouting by the Mooretards, is that a BSG movie would actually bring attention to the BSG DVD's and Caprica. Some of the people who watch the movie will actually be motivated to tune in or buy them, under the impression that they'll be getting good entertainment.

A movie will actually help the Moore series which has bottomed out. Unfortunately the fanaticism of the die hard Mooretard prevents him from realizing that he's fighting for a lost cause, and instead of attacking Singer, would do better to reach out to him.