With a tough economy and businesses running for cover, it might look like a bad time to jump into the game. One look at the unemployment figures, the amount of bankruptcies, the established and ubiquitous brands such as Circuit City and Virgin that have vanished in a single year, and the idea of doing anything business related is terrifying as hell. But on the other side of that flipped coin is the fact that opportunities come exactly when no one else is taking them. And as a business entrepreneur there may be no better time to pursue your dreams, than right now.

Being a business entrepreneur means striking when the iron is hot and the iron is never hotter than when the scales have swung the other away and everyone else is hiding in their caves. Between the dramatic technological transformations that are changing the way we do business and the economic downturn, a lot of businesses have either panicked or become very conservative, which means now is the time to begin thinking about how you can turn the situation to your advantage, think outside the box, step outside the four walls and find your golden moment. Because it is out there. They all are.

Risks create opportunities and the greater the risk, the greater the opportunity. It's a time for hopes and dreams, and Up in the Air's title character may be much mocked, but his parting words though sincere may not be wrong. Because your chance at the future really does begin now, and in every single now that there is.