We live in a media world. Signal, data and image all around us everywhere we look. Our ancestors studied the case, we study the screen and define our imagination by the limits of our media. Our media is our medium. We're a digital culture and whether it's streaming or satellite, like Johnny 5, we've got to have our input. Through fiber optic cables running into our dens or WiFi signals criss crossing across the urban frontier, from free satellite tv to bit torrent, the media we consume gets into our digital lives, digitally. Communication satellites, as predicted by futurist and Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke helped bring the revolution everywhere. No more newsprint and ink stained fingers. As the GTA 4 newstand owner jokes, "Get the news here, only one day later than the internet." And that's how it is. Signal means speed. Control means getting it faster. If Cnn.com and the Druge Report aren't doing it for you, try the trending topics on Twitter. Or get the news beamed directly to your brain. Television isn't just a box anymore, it's the faucet with a billion channels behind it, a billion fragments of things that aren't anywhere as structured as channels all clamoring to get in. And that's our world now.