Growing up, the first place I saw a grandfather clock was appropriately enough in my grandfather's house. By then it was really my grandmother's house, since he had passed away several years before, but nevertheless it had his classic furnishings, his sense of grace and style as the imprint throughout the home. And among all that heavy wood, the graceful curving chandeliers and the old dusky lamps, at the entrance to the house just when you walked up the four marble steps and through the front door, was his grandfather clock. That grandfather clock to me always seemed to embody my time in that old house and I have always wanted one of my own.

This Howard Miller grandfather clock over at is more ornamental than the one I remember, but it seems to best capture that sense of dignity and strength of time that the one in my grandfather's house did. Of course has a great many clocks, both grandfather and mantle clocks. And since the Clocks blog from also specifies that Howard Miller clocks bought from have an extended 2 year warranty, that makes buying it an even safer bet.

Time can be a fleeting thing. Before we know it, the clock flashes and another day, another week and another year are gone, a thing of the past. The right clock however can help you capture the moments of time before they pass.