James Cameron will of course blame the snowstorms that swept across the east coast with the direct intention of preventing people from going to see Avatar and suffering from a 3D field of motion induced headache, but maybe the snowstorm was our natural environment's way of sending him a message about using it as a prop in bad movies. Either way Avatar seems to have scored below I Am Legend's 75 million, with only 73 million. So box office records will go unbroken and Avatar, which might have cost as much as half a billion dollars, is now officially in trouble. Sure 75 million would be a good 4 day weekend for most movie openings, but most movies don't cost half a billion dollars. Avatar did. And while James Cameron may be taking the long view, the short view is that Avatar will not have the kind of top of the box office reign that Titanic did. And when Holmes comes along, Avatar will finally face serious competition.