As Where the Wild Things Are slowly slips out of the Top 10 at the US Box Office after only a month in full release, before the holiday season even gets properly started, having made only 70 million dollars, 30 million short of its production budget alone, it is the culmination of two really bad years for Warner Brothers.

The failure of Richard Kelley's The Box in wide release is only another pushpin in the long litany of failures by Warner Brothers' film division. And 6th place is as high as any Warner Brothers movie stands at the box office this weekend.

In 2008, Warner Brothers invested heavily in Body of Lies and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would have done well enough, if Warner Brothers hadn't invested more money in marketing it than the movie pulled in. And then there was Body of Lies, one of the biggest bombs of all time. Flash forward to 2009 and The Watchmen failed miserably. So did Terminator Salvation. So did The Invention of Lying. All that's really left for Warner Brothers to look forward to and hope for is the big Downey debut as Sherlock Holmes. And while it seemingly can't fail, WB's track record over the last two years suggests anything is possible.