Saw Series Still Not Going Anywhere Now try saying that seven times fast. Saw 6 bombed at the box office, well it made money since Saw movies cost about 50 cents and whatever Costas Mandylor brings in by washing cars to actually make. For a Saw movie to actually lose money, the value of the dollar would probably have to fall so far as to be as worthless as toilet paper. But nevertheless this Halloween audiences chose to watch a movie made for a few thousand dollars, than see any more of the Saw torture porn soap opera.

But luckily the brilliant minds behind Saw and Lionsgate Entertainment have a plan to win back reluctant audiences who might not be interested in seeing people hacked to bits with saws embedded in their eyeballs and then dropped into a cage filled with lions and bees. They sure do. That's right, Saw 7 is coming up and it will be in 3D. Because you know how 3D makes everything better, especially really bad movies.

Sure for now 3D has not really demonstrated its ability to bring in audiences. Also Final Destination 4 or Final Destination 3D, another venerable torture porn series on its last legs, already did the 3D thing. Nonetheless it couldn't even pull in 70 million dollars domestic. Though it did manage to improve over the equally lackluster Final Destination 3. Yes I know, Final Destination 3 vs Final Destination 3D is ridiculously confusing. But Lionsgate is determined to keep pushing Saw movies until someone makes them star in one.