When the cold winds of winter sweep across the upper half of the country bringing with them snow and rain, it's as good a time as any to take a boat trip away from all the sound and fury down to warmer climes. But every boat trip begins with a careful maintenance regime to inspect and replace all needed parts. From aft to stern, boating safety requires real attention to detail and the right replacement parts. From your Stern Drive to your powerheads, when in doubt a timely replacement is safer than a belated repair. The internet these days has made it much cheaper to compare prices on outboard parts and OMC Parts, but while buying a remanufactured marine part or parts might seem very tempting, it is important to deal with reliable vendors and to check for the warranty. Buying new or remanufactured parts online can mean a real bargain, but do your research first. Buy only from websites that list a physical address and contact information, and preferably do business from a real physical location. While prices are important, the quality of the marine parts you order is more so. Reliable sellers can be counted on to offer only fully tested parts. Unreliable sellers less so. Also look for brands you know and a history of being in business that goes back at least a decade or more. When afloat the watchword is always safety. Safety first and safety last.