As the proverb goes, getting into debt is as easy as diving deep into the ocean, getting out of debt is as hard as surfacing to the top again. And today as a growing number of Americans finds themselves in debt and saddled with debts to a variety of lenders that they have a great deal of difficulty in managing and repaying, finding companies who will help them with Debt Consolidation and Settlement is a high priority. One debt settlement provides an effective debt settlement solution through a process of Debt Negotiation that is aimed at both reducing the size of the debt and parceling out the original debt into a more manageable payment that allow people to go on living their lives and buying the things they need, without defaulting and still repay the debt for less than they originally owed, while avoiding constant penalties and out of control interest. This company puts you on the track out of debt and toward debt settlement by arranging for an executed settlement that may be as little as 30 to 70 cents on the dollar of the original loan. Helping you surface out of that great roiling ocean of debt. Learn more information by going to their convenient and easy to use website and discover how to reach the surface of that ocean of debt.