Our great-grandparents lived in a world in which the local was absolute, while we live in the global and the ephemeral digital universe, navigating physical loci by way of digital guideposts. Which is a fancy way of saying that these days we use online information to guide our real world choices. And when it comes to answering the age old questions of where to go and what to do on the weekend, we're less likely to pull out a physical map and more likely to click on a virtual one.

San Francisco is one of the more digitally mapped places in the world, thanks to its heavy affiliation with so many tech people, which is why finding things to do in San Francisco is best done through the internet, where finding what to do on short notice, for anything from finding a place to eat or a show worth seeing, is best done online. But of course I'm not talking about search engines, but sites dedicated to showcasing the best of a great city like San Francisco or Chicago or New York. Which is why if you want to have a memorable evening in New York and find yourself looking for New York romantic restaurants, the yellow pages or even the white pages will only get in your way. Instead it's best to hit the digital strip and find what you're looking for through reviews and word of mouth on reliable culture and eatery review websites.