Probably the easiest and only way to court controversy for a TV Series that's a remake of an 80's TV series about aliens from outer space, is to court political controversy. And while ABC may be a bit nervous about the articles comparing the show to Obama, they can't turn down a windfall of controversy publicity either.

But the claims that V really is about Obama don't hold up very well. For one thing both the original series and even the reboot predate Obama. And while there is a lot of talk about hope and change, hope and change were the theme of just about every candidate in the 2008 election. There was actually a YouTube video featuring every candidate in every party harping on change non-stop. And hope is not exactly one of those unique catchphrases either. Clinton ran as The Man From Hope.

Yes Anna mentions universal healthcare, but that's another idea that has been kicked around just about forever. And another thing that dates back to the Clinton Administration. Some of the imagery does find an unconscious echo in the Obama campaign, but I suspect it would find an echo in the winning campaigns of just about any candidate. Younger campaign volunteers tend to embrace politicians uncritically, which can seem dangerous and ominous cultish to those on the outside.