While much of the traditional Instant Messaging programs continue to founder in the face of increasing competition from social networking sites, one Instant messaging program is not only holding on to its users but bringing in new customers as well, the Brosix IM Client. The Brosix IM client is a business IM client oriented toward the needs of corporate and enterprise instant messaging. Brosix's IM client provides a secure and reliable instant messaging environment which meets the needs of its business customers, while most major IM clients do not. Brosix IM helps employees work together on projects or allows employees and clients to coordinate on projects with a rich array of features, enabling users to coordinate their agenda through voice conference, text conference, co-browsing and whiteboards. This diverse array of conferencing options allows employees, clients and managers to communicate and coordinate their efforts together in an unprecedented way. Brosix IM's focus on business instant messaging continues to attract new clients to its IM client, as they discover that it can allow them to do more in less time, streamlining both their internal and external communications and enabling a purer workflow that is not dependent on emailing documents, but can allow both sides to work together on a project in real time. With a 300 percent increase in new customers, Brosix is experiencing an unprecedented boom that makes it the enterprise IM client to watch.