Life changes as you grow older and the things that used to seem simple, can over a period of time become more and more complicated and difficult. Whether you find yourself growing older and having trouble with your daily routines, or you have a parent or grandparent who is becoming less capable of living on his or her own, there are various options to enable them to be safe and cared for within some degree depending on their condition and preferences, that can range from Senior independent living to the traditional nursing home. Since there are a wide variety of options and providers when it comes to Senior Housing, and especially when combined with the emotional turmoil for adult caregivers who are family members, it can help to have useful information with which to make an informed decision. While many people see their options as being limited to the traditional nursing home, the fact is that depending on the mental and physical condition of a senior citizen, there are a wide variety of facility and housing possibilities. A skilled nursing facility can provided continuing care within a conventional home, while many independent senior living homes can allow for a retirement community feel for the senior who is no longer as capable of dealing with the rigors and trials of completely independent life in an urban area, but still quite capable of functioning on his or her own. As a decline may happen gradually, the senior may need to graduate from a more independent senior housing option to a more dependent one. Be sure to seek out useful sources of information online and offline as well, because the best way to prepare for this and every possibility is to obtain as much information as you can about the options, particularly those senior living options in your local community, to enable you to make the best choice and the right choice.