Where do we eat tonight? Ever since the dawn of man, when the first mastodon was dragged back to the cave by a dozen Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble imitators, people have been asking that question. Today of course we don't answer that question by picking up a few clubs and leaf bladed spears and heading out to where the mammoths are grazing, instead we leave the torches, clubs and spears at home, and instead look for a good restaurant somewhere within driving distance and with no mastodons on the menu. But with so many restaurants all over the place, some you may know about and some you probably never even heard of, most that you haven't eaten at, answering that question can be a real challenge. But with http://www.foodconnect.com/ you can discover restaurants near you and get reviews of restaurants nearby that you may have heard of but have never actually gone instead and eaten at. You can search through foodconnect.com's extensive restaurant listings by a particular type of cuisine, for example creole, thai, chinese or dutch fusion. You can also browse foodconnect.com's restaurant listings by searching for a particular restaurant name, if you already have a restaurant in mind and would like to use foodconnect.com to learn more about it. You can also search by zip code for the local eateries and by city to get an overview of the places to eat you can find on a citywide basis. You can click on each restaurant's name to get driving directions that tell you how to get there, as well as read reviews from patrons who have already partaken of a meal at that dining establishment, and when you have done the same, you can also leave your own review rating that particular restaurant and listing both its good points and its not so good points. As part of the food connect community you can find good places to eat and help others do the same.