"Did I fall asleep?"

"Yes you did, for good."

After getting a second season that it didn't remotely deserve, FOX has finally decided to shelve Dollhouse after only airing four episodes. Of course those four episodes demonstrated the painfully obvious, that Dollhouse had not gotten any better and that its ratings were continuing to plummet. In only four episodes Dollhouse managed to lose almost half a million viewers, which would be awful enough of a trend, even if it didn't only have about 2.5 million viewers to begin with in the season opener.

The renewal of Dollhouse accompanied by the cancellation of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a show with better ratings that were actually improving, better name recognition and pretty much better everything, is one of those baffling things that can only be explained by Kevin Reilly's stupidity, a rabid fanbase for anything with Joss Whedon's name on it which can give some network executives the illusion that the series itself has a fanbase, and yes Eliza Dushku's boyfriend, who happens to run most of FOX's Sunday schedule.

Dollhouse was a disaster before it aired. The show came accompanied with a Don't Cancel Me Petition. Well now the show is cancelled. For good. Unlike Drive, again a much better series on FOX, the network will air the remainder of the Dollhouse episodes it foolishly paid for. Frankly I'd wish they would air the remaining episodes of Drive instead.