New York's Governor Patterson is only the latest political leader to question the idea of holding trials for the terrorists behind 9/11 in New York City. The problems are legion and obvious, from hugely increased security that will turn much of lower Manhattan into a No Go Zone, ironically enough providing reminders of the days after the original attack, to inciting terrorists to strike at New York City again and creating a giant and useless media circus.

Whatever anyone may feel about the military system of justice, that was the system that processed and interrogated the terrorists. There's nothing to be gained at this late date by throwing them into a court of law, except for an enterprising lawyer to spring them from the clink by pointing out that virtually every procedure that is mandatory in criminal cases was not followed in theirs, beginning with the Miranda reading of their rights.

New York City doesn't need more terrorists and it doesn't need more high profile trials in which the terrorists who tore a raw wound into the fabric of the city will be able to try and justify their crimes. It isn't needed and doesn't make any practical sense to anyone who isn't a lawyer. Obama seemed to understand that during the campaign. It's a shame that he has reneged on his promises and is subjecting New Yorkers to a series of trials with no real purpose except to again terrorize an already terrorized city.