When Dark Knight was released into theaters, taking in pretty much all the box office money in the world, some people wondered why there was no Dark Knight videogame. That wasn't an unreasonable question because movie studios routinely release tie in games, usually really bad games, that nevertheless make a bundle. Most people stopped asking the question around the time Arkham Asylum came out, even though Arkham Asylum had nothing to do with Dark Knight and a lot more to do with the Paul Dini cartoon. But a Batman game is a Batman game.

Anyway the development for the Dark Knight game had been in the hands of Pandemic, Bioware's little bro, that isn't remembered for much except creating RTS games, the Star Wars Battlefront series, itself an obvious rip of EA's own Battlefield series, and the offbeat Destroy All Humans and the mostly overlooked but generally praised Mercenaries 2.

Dark Knight, from what little we know of it, would have been developed by the Destroy All Humans gang in Brisbane, and was meant to be an open world game for the PS3. Development began 2 years ago. And nothing. Now EA which bought up Bioware has done the predictable thing by cutting losses and nuking Pandemic, which makes it definite now that there will be no Dark Knight game in like ever. Which is something that EA and Sony, whose PS3 could really have used a desirable exclusive, can only kick themselves over.