The latest Stargate Universe drama that puts medic TJ in command effectively shot down the claims about the show's sexism, mostly emanating from TWOP and IO9, not exactly the most credible sources for complaining about a TV series. T.J. clearly is a strong character, takes command and resolves a problem. It also demonstrates how silly attacking a series about flawed characters based on only three episodes can be. Some of the writers and actors are seemingly also getting sick of the whole thing and you can't exactly blame them. There are plenty of things to criticize about Stargate Universe, but considering that all of the characters on the show are in a fish out of water state and out of their league, the sexism complaint was always dishonest. And Stargate Universe is also soaking up a lot of anger from Stargate Atlantis and original Stargate fans, though really how long was that series supposed to keep running. Yes the show is derivative, and the episodes are not as watchable as they should be, but those are all fixable problems.