Despite all the noise and hype, Roland Emmerich's world destroying comeback which blew up the entire world basically, has not reigned at the box office the way Sony might have liked. Yes 2012 won its opening weekend indisputably with 65 million dollars. Good numbers, but curiously enough Precious, which played at far fewer theaters, less than 200, had a much better per screen average than 2012 did.

You might argue that this doesn't really matter, but this week 2012 slipped down almost 60 percent to make only 26 million dollars. Meanwhile Precious went into wider release and at under 700 theaters not only had a better per theater average, but made 11 million dollars. Half of what 2012 did, in about 17 percent of the theaters. It's not hard to do the math on what will happen when Precious spreads to more theaters.

And then of course there was Twilight New Moon, which benefits from a new generation of the Titanic audience, to make an insane amount of money. But that shouldn't have hurt 2012 as much as it did. What really hurt 2012 is that it's empty CG fest backed by a bland cast. Where Independence Day was fun, 2012 like Transformers 2 is a CG ordeal. And there's nothing worthwhile waiting at the end.

In the final tally 2012 which had a budget of somewhere south of 300 million has already dropped 60 percent and has only made back half its budget domestically. Of course internationally 2012 is a hit, but this it seems like Americans showed more taste.