Search is basically search. One search engine is not too different from another, and for most people Google is the default search engine because it's simple, no frills, and it works, about as much as any other search engine does.

Competing search engines have never been able to make much of a case because there really has never been that much of a difference. Which means there's always a certain level of background frustration that builds up with the default search engine, except among Google Power Users, who can sometimes act like the Google equivalent of the Mac Cult. And once the tipping point is reached, a switch happens.

In my case the switch happened because of what appears to be a Firefox bug that copies search links in Google instead of direct links. This forces me to go to a site directly just to get a link for it. And while I'm not completely clear if that's Google's fault or Mozilla's fault, the question is mostly moot, because it's only a tipping point. And a tipping point is all it takes to make a switch happen.

So goodbye Google, and hello Bing.