Paranormal Activity has divided critics much the same way that the Blair Witch Project did, with defenders throwing around terms like, innovative and suspenseful, and critics pointing out that the whole thing is a derivative and boring remix of what was already an overhyped movie; but there's no denying either way that Paramount has successfully turned Paranormal Activity into a viral hit.

In the top spot, Paranormal Activity has beat out big budget movies, including shockingly enough, the latest entry in the seemingly indestructible torture porn Saw franchise. That alone should win the movie a big smooch for putting a lead slug in what has to be the most repulsive franchise in decades. Most stunningly is that even having expanded into almost 2000 theaters, Paranormal Activity has retained a per theater average toping 10 grand, which is the kind of thing that few movies besides Titanic or the original Blair Witch Project have managed.