It's not often that I find myself actually pushing a Microsoft product. In fact it's a little like a Buddhist pushing scientology, but using a piece of software is all it really takes to establish whether it's worth the upgrade or not, and having used Windows 7 over almost half a year now, I can tell you that it really is worth the upgrade.

It's strange to see Microsoft in the Rocky corner for a change, it's downright surreal for a fact, but Microsoft is looking like the underdog lately, and Windows 7 actually is a winner. Not because it's the astounding dream OS you might fantasize about Google making, but because the way that Windows XP was a better version of Windows 98, Windows 7 is a better version of Windows XP, taking the things that work, throwing in some extra flash, and giving you an OS that works smoothly and isn't a resource hog... in and of itself some kind of Redmond miracle.

I am not going to spend a lot of time running through Windows 7's features, except to say that it's not about the features, but about the functionality. Windows 7 just runs better than its predecessors, it encounters errors less and deals better with them, it gives you a shinier interface with slowing your computer down to a crawl, and most of all it works so well, that you don't have to think about it.

And isn't that what an OS is really about?