It's hard to blame Mark Zuckerberg for being insecure. Too many social networking sites have come and gone before Facebook, and while Facebook may be top dog now, Friendster and MySpace both serve as all too real and tangible examples of how a social networking site can go from ubiquitous to looked down upon and then obscure in a matter of only a few years.

And that's because Web years move a whole lot faster than real world years, rapidly washing out trends and changing at a quicker speed than society as a whole. That's why the internet can seem to be shooting forward, while the culture almost seems to be standing still by comparison.

Zuckerberg knows it, and so Facebook keeps changing, first jumping on board the Twitter trend with a rapid homepage change, and then changing now all over again. And that's not the end of it. As much as Facebook users may protest each time their world gets shaken up, the site is rushing to stay ahead, and embracing change seems safer than standing still and becoming passe.