A lot of people ignore the perils of data backup, assuming that since nothing has gone wrong right this second, then nothing ever will. In the early days hard drives were small and backing up a 10 megabyte hard drive was not altogether difficult, even when you were working with 5.25 or 3.5 floppies. Today hard drives run into the terrabytes and even with a high speed internet connection, transferring that kind of data on a daily, let alone hourly basis, can be a real challenge. Businesses which rely on networks and servers have a much larger challenge, but also larger solutions such as Double-Take. During 9/11, companies such as Cantor Fitzgerald were able to save backups of their data even during a major attack that destroyed their physical location and killed many of their employees. For the individual, free backup solutions may be tempting but are also often unreliable. AOL and Microsoft are just two of the major companies who have tried rolling out free backup solutions, only to pull them back.