Whatever you might think of the two Fantastic Four movies... okay they were actually terrible disasters featuring three people who couldn't act and Michael Chiklis. Then there was the whole Jessica Alba with dyed blonde hair playing a "scientist" who loses her clothes in every movie. But as hopeless as Tim Story was at being a director, the movies sure brought in the money.

Now after two well paying disasters, FOX has decided to reboot the Fantastic Four, probably not so much because Tim Story's movies sucked, but because Jessica Alba is almost 30, which makes her too old to be in the movie. This was the same logic used by Paramount to reboot Star Trek with a cast of twenty-somethings who got their own starship to play with, so who are we to argue with logic like that.

But there's a How Not to Reboot a comic book franchise in trouble list, and checkmark number 1 is "Don't hire the guy who ruined Batman to reboot your franchise." Except somehow that's exactly what FOX has done by bringing Akiva Goldsman on to produce the Fantastic Four reboot. Yes I know, nipples on Reed Richard's suit are next, once they can get Joel Shumacher to direct.

Now Akiva Goldsman has been the producer of such megahits as the Lost in Space movie, the Starksy and Hutch movie, the Constantine movie and Poseidon. To be fair he's also recently produced two absolutely awful movies which unlike these made money, I Am Legend and Hancock. Of course those two movies had one thing in common, Will Smith. Unless Goldsman has a plan to stick Will Smith into the Fantastic Four, this ain't happening.

But no one can forget Akiva Goldsman's role in tanking the Batman movies with Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. So of course he's the perfect guy to reboot the Fantastic Four, on the grounds that even Batman and Robin was better than Tim Story's FF movies.

But just to make it really pitch perfect, FOX has brought in the co executive producer of Heroes, Michael Green, to write the script. Because if there's anything that represents excellence and success in comic book heroes, it's Batman and Robin, and Heroes.

What else can I say?