Despite a tornado of hype, Megan Fox in a leading role (who comes with her own hype tornado) and opening in 2700 theaters, Jennifer's Body failed opening only in 5th place with less than 7 million dollars.

When your horror movie starring the next Angelina Jolie can't even open decently in the fall, you've got problems. When a Steven Soderbergh movie opens ahead of you, even though it's in less theaters than you, you've got real problems.

Jennifer's Body was the female empowerment movie supposed to prove that Diablo Cody and Megan Fox weren't one hit wonders. That there was more to them than an aggressively marketed indie and Transformers. As it turns out there wasn't. Jennifer's Body is a confused mess of a movie, that's much worse than something like Teeth. It doesn't lack for female empowerment, it does lack for plot. Cody was clearly out of her comfort zone scripting a type of movie she doesn't understand. Megan Fox is the same one note body with not much inside she always was. Somewhere Jerry Bruckheimer is probably laughing at how it all turned out.

Jennifer's Body was supposed to make a splash. Instead it looks a lot like it's following the same box office track as Sorority Row.