Imagine if I was an idiot and on Twitter, but I repeat myself. Still if there's anything that Twitter has accomplished, it's that after some two decades, finally the internet has been made simple enough for even celebrities to use.

Clearly the two things that served as a major barrier between celebrities and the internet were that...

1. The internet had too many words.

2. The internet wasn't entirely about them.

Twitter solves both problems, implementing a character limit that makes the internet a comfortable place for the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Shaq, and making it all about you.

Sure the internet was stupid before Twitter, but every phase of the internet seems to make it more self-centered and stupid. Looking back at the 1992 internet is like comparing Isaac Newton to P Diddy, or whatever he wants to be called this week.

But not only has the internet gotten dumber, it's gotten more self-centered. Forget about information, the internet is supposed to be centered all around you. Social networking, the big Web 2.0 revolution has really been Ego 2.0, a way to let everyone talk about themselves and their friends 24/7. It's the anti-triumph of technology.

Sure Twitter has helped cover the Iranian protests. What no one really talks about is that Twitter is an ideal medium for it because the Twitter generation is incapable of reading an article with more than 140 characters in it. Forget learning about what's going in Iran, instead you get to vicariously follow the street protests of people whose lives and politics you don't actually understand.

I don't know what will come after Twitter, maybe it'll all default to cell phone based vlogging because no one will be able to read or follow any thought that isn't being expressed by an earnest person squatting over a camera. But I'm sure there are already plans to take it public.